Mosto Verde Italia

Mosto Verde Italia 500ml



Sight: Clean, excellent brilliance, colourless

Smell: Considerable moscat fragrance, with substantial citric fruit aromas like fresh lime with a finish of yellow raisins

Taste: Pleasant sweetness, long lasting citric aromas, such as orange blossom, fine touches of lemon beebrush and a fine and soft finish with exquisite black raisins


Quebranta 500ml



Sight: Clean, colourless and very shiny


Smell: Pleasant subtle notes of dried fruit (pecans), sweet honeyed touches with balanced percentage of alcohol


Taste: Warm, sickly sweet entry with good density


Acholado 500ml



Sight: Clean, shiny and colourless

Smell: First impression is intensity of Uva Italia, touches of apple, eggfruit and delight of mango, aroma of golden raisins, clean and fine

Taste: Intensity of Italia, fine aroma of fruit thanks to the perfect integration of the uvina, long persistence and a soft body to the palate

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